Aly Rashid, a Lebanese architect from Beirut and Owner of Beit Al Rashid, his passion in photography and graphic design were translated in his choice to pursue an architectural career.He earned his Bachelor degree in Architectural Engineering in 2013 and continued his Masters degree in Architecture from Beirut Arab University in 2014, which is accredited from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

His vision didn’t stop here, his ambition took him to master Revit program from Autodesk, thus to become the first certified instructor in Lebanon in 2015 , and this achievement allows him to teach in different universities and institutions.
The used style in his work is well known for its modern touch and the incorporation of new building materials.He is keen to introduce every time designs that carry a sense of luxury and elegance that attracted local and international clients, especially in the Gulf region and Europe. Aly’s passion exceeds architectural and interior design to involve also graphic design and advertising, since he believes that a successful architect must master different fields of design.
Photography also took part of his interest where Aly was incorporated in different photography projects dealing with kids, adults, fashion designers and well-known artists.